Astroworld why music mayhem2 min read

Aug 29, 2022 2 min

Astroworld why music mayhem2 min read

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AstroWorld: Why Music Mayhem?

When the Beatles sang “I get by with a little help from my friends,” they could have easily been talking about the impact of music on amusement parks. The two industries have long been intertwined, with music often used to enhance the experience of riders on roller coasters and other thrill rides. But in the wake of the closure of AstroWorld in 2005, many observers have pointed to the impact of music on the park’s demise.

Houston’s AstroWorld was one of the most popular amusement parks in the country, attracting more than two million visitors a year at its peak. But the park was forced to close its doors after 41 years in operation, in part because of the competition from nearby Six Flags parks.

Some observers have blamed the park’s closure on a variety of factors, including the aging of the population in Houston and the increasing popularity of theme parks in other parts of the country. But others have pointed to the impact of music on the park’s demise.

The music at AstroWorld was often louder than at competing parks, and it was often played at a more intense volume. This was in part because the park’s management believed that louder music would create a more exciting atmosphere.

But the loud music also contributed to noise pollution, which made it difficult for park visitors to enjoy the experience. In addition, the music was often played at such a high volume that it could be heard from outside the park, which irritated nearby residents.

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The intense music was also blamed for causing health problems among park visitors, including hearing loss and heart problems. In the years leading up to the park’s closure, there were several lawsuits filed by visitors who claimed that the music had caused them physical harm.

In the end, the loud music and the noise pollution may have been the final straw for AstroWorld. In the years since the park’s closure, Six Flags has tried to replicate the AstroWorld experience with louder music at its other parks, but without the same level of success.