Most frequent questions and answers


Will our DJ act as an Emcee during our event?

Yes. Your DJ will act as an Emcee during your event.  In fact, its likely that you may receive a separate dedicated Emcee.  We often work in teams.  This is one of the services we offer that is key to the success of your function.  Your DJ will make all announcements and make sure that the night keeps on track according to your time line.  Finally, your DJ/Emcee will keep your guests engaged and partying!

Do you provide music and equipment for wedding ceremonies?

Yes, we can provide music for your wedding ceremony.  We will play all your wedding music as well as provide wireless microphones to be used by you and your officiant so you guests do not miss a single moment.  We offer a second sound system for your wedding ceremony which allows us to transition quickly from the ceremony to the reception.

How long will our DJ play music?

The amount of time your DJ will play is totally up to you.  Typical events last about four hours. We will also cover full weddings; ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, which can go about six hours or more.  You can decide in advance how long you want your DJ to perform and the price will reflect the time frame.  If you are having fun and want the DJ to play longer you can purchase additional time the day of the event.

Is it customary to tip the DJ?

Gratuities given to your DJ entertainer are made at the client’s sole discretion.  10 percent to 20 percent of the total fee is customary for an excellent performance.

How early will the DJ arrive to set up?

Your DJ will arrive up to three hours prior to the scheduled start time of your event unless other arrangements have been made, depending on the set-up for needed for the event. 

Can we pick what music to play?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to make requests.  Additionally, we offer our clients a portal that allows them to submit requests and even plan their event fully!