How do owls sound1 min read

Aug 18, 2022 < 1 min

How do owls sound1 min read

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The typical owl sound is a hoot. Hooting is used as a way to communicate with other owls. Owls will also make other sounds, depending on the type of owl. For example, the great horned owl makes a deep "hoo" sound, while the barn owl makes a high-pitched "seee" sound.

Some owls, such as the barred owl, can also mimic other animal sounds. They may hoot like a typical owl, or they may make the calls of other animals, such as deer, raccoons, or cats.

Why do owls hoot?

Hooting is one way that owls communicate with each other. They use hooting to let other owls know where they are, to warn other owls of danger, and to attract a mate.

What do different owl sounds mean?

Different owl sounds mean different things. For example, the hoo sound that the great horned owl makes is a way to tell other owls that it is there and that it is dangerous. The seee sound that the barn owl makes is a way to attract a mate.

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