How do you bluetooth music2 min read

Aug 1, 2022 2 min

How do you bluetooth music2 min read

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Bluetooth music is a process of transferring audio files between devices using Bluetooth technology. In order to bluetooth music, both devices must be Bluetooth-enabled. The process is simple:

1. Connect the devices

2. Select the music files

3. Send the music files

4. Listen to the music

Connecting the Devices

The first step is to connect the devices. To do this, power on both devices and make sure they are within range of each other. On most devices, there is a Bluetooth symbol near the power button. This symbol will usually be in the form of a blue dot with a wave coming out of it.

Once the devices are turned on, open the Bluetooth settings. This can usually be found in the main menu or settings menu. In the Bluetooth settings, select the device you would like to connect to. If the device is not in the list, make sure the Bluetooth is turned on and try again.

Selecting the Music Files

The next step is to select the music files. On most devices, the music files are located in the music library. To access the music library, open the music player. The music player will usually have a icon.

Once the music player is open, select the music files you would like to transfer. To select multiple files, press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key on the keyboard.

Sending the Music Files

The final step is to send the music files. This is done by pressing the Send button. The Send button is usually in the form of an arrow pointing upwards.

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Once the files are sent, the Bluetooth connection will be lost. To keep the connection, press the Connect button. The Connect button is usually in the form of a blue dot with a wave coming out of it.

Listening to the Music

The music will start playing once the files have been transferred. The music player on the receiving device will open and the music will start playing.

If the receiving device does not have a music player, the music files will be saved in the music folder. The music folder is usually in the main directory or the downloads folder.