How do you check your apple music stats1 min read

Aug 17, 2022 < 1 min

How do you check your apple music stats1 min read

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Apple Music is a music streaming service that lets you listen to your favorite songs online or offline. It offers a library of over 50 million songs to choose from. You can also create your own music playlists, or listen to playlists created by other users.

Apple Music also provides a wealth of statistical data about your listening habits. You can view information such as how many songs you’ve listened to, how much time you’ve spent listening to music, and which songs you’ve played the most.

You can access your Apple Music stats by opening the Music app on your iPhone or iPad, and then tapping on the Statistics tab. You can also view your stats on the Apple Music website.

To view detailed information about a specific song, artist, or album, tap on the corresponding entry in the Stats tab. You’ll be able to see how many times that song has been played, how long it’s been played, and where it was played.

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