How to make your own tiktok sound1 min read

Aug 9, 2022 < 1 min

How to make your own tiktok sound1 min read

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Making your own TikTok sound is a fun and easy way to express yourself on the app. You can use your own voice, or create different sounds and effects to add to your videos. Here’s how to make your own TikTok sound:

1. Choose the sound you want to make

There are a number of different sounds you can choose from, including your own voice, animal noises, and sound effects. You can also create your own sounds, or use recordings from other songs or videos.

2. Record your sound

To record your sound, open the TikTok app and go to the camera screen. Tap the microphone icon in the bottom left corner, and then tap the record button to start recording.

3. Add your sound to a video

Once you’ve recorded your sound, you can add it to a video. Tap the video you want to add it to, and then tap the sound icon in the bottom left corner. Tap the play button to listen to your sound, and then drag it to the position you want it to play in.

4. Save your video

Once you’ve added your sound, tap the save button to save your video.

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