Now thats what i call music dad rock1 min read

Aug 16, 2022 < 1 min

Now thats what i call music dad rock1 min read

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Now That’s What I Call Music: Dad Rock

If you’re a dad, there’s a pretty good chance you like dad rock. What is dad rock, you ask? It’s a term used to describe the type of rock music that dads tend to enjoy. Classic rock and 1970s rock are two of the most popular genres of dad rock.

So why do dads love this type of music? Probably for the same reasons that moms love it – it’s classic, it’s familiar, and it’s comforting. Dads grew up with this music, and it reminds them of good times from their childhood.

If you’re looking for some good dad rock bands to check out, here are a few to get you started:

• The Eagles

• The Rolling Stones

• The Beatles

• Creedence Clearwater Revival

• Bruce Springsteen

Whether you’re a dad or not, if you’re a fan of classic rock, you’re sure to enjoy dad rock. So crank up the tunes and enjoy!

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