Sound when turning steering wheel1 min read

Jul 28, 2022 < 1 min

Sound when turning steering wheel1 min read

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When you turn the steering wheel on a car, you hear a sound. What is that sound, and what does it mean?

The sound you hear when turning the steering wheel is actually the sound of the tires moving across the pavement. As you turn the wheel, the tires move in a circle, and the pavement moves with them. This creates a sound that is often described as a "whoosh."

The sound of the tires can tell you a lot about your car. For example, if you hear a lot of noise when you turn the wheel, it may mean that your tires are worn out. You can also use the sound of the tires to judge how well your car is steering. If the sound is quiet and smooth, your car is steering well. If the sound is rough or noisy, it may mean that you need to adjust your steering.

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