What radio stations are playing halloween music6 min read

Jul 27, 2022 4 min

What radio stations are playing halloween music6 min read

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Radio stations around the country are getting into the Halloween spirit by playing spooky music all day long. If you’re looking for some spine-tingling tunes to get you in the mood for the holiday, here are a few stations that are sure to deliver.

Starting on October 26th, 103.7 The Eagle in San Antonio, Texas has been playing nothing but Halloween tunes all day long. You can expect to hear everything from classic Halloween songs like "Thriller" by Michael Jackson to modern rock hits like "Monster" by Skillet.

If you’re in the mood for some Celtic Halloween music, 104.9 The Wolf in Ottawa, Ontario has you covered. This station is playing a mix of traditional Irish Halloween music and modern rock songs with a spooky vibe.

If you’re looking for something a little more kid-friendly, 97.1 The Drive in Chicago is playing a mix of Halloween classics and family-friendly tunes. You can expect to hear songs like "The Monster Mash" by Bobby Boris Pickett, "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and "The Addams Family Theme" by Vic Mizzy.

Finally, WZYP in Auburn, Alabama is playing a mix of rock, pop, and country Halloween music. You can expect to hear songs like "Somebody’s Watching Me" by Rockwell, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, and "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash.

So if you’re looking for some spooky tunes to get you in the mood for Halloween, be sure to check out one of these radio stations.

What radio station is Halloween music on?

Radio stations across the country are gearing up for Halloween with special programming and music. If you’re looking for a station that’s playing nothing but spooky tunes, here are a few to check out.

KPOP in Los Angeles is one station that’s always celebrating Halloween. This year, they’re airing a special called "KPOP Monsters Ball." The station is also playing a mix of Halloween classics and modern tunes.

If you’re in the New York City area, check out WKTU. They’re playing a mix of old and new Halloween music all day long.

If you’re looking for a station that’s playing both classic and modern tunes, check out KNRK in Portland, Oregon. They’re playing everything from "Monster Mash" to "Thriller."

No matter where you are, you can always find a Halloween station online. Tune in to stations like The Monster, Funky Halloween, or Ghost Radio to get your fix of spooky music.

Happy Halloween!

What channel is scream radio on?

Scream Radio is a digital radio station that broadcasts an Alternative music format. The station is based in the United Kingdom and is available on the DAB digital radio platform.

What channel is freaky 50 on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM’s Freaky 50 is a channel dedicated to hard rock and metal music. It can be found on channel number 50 on SiriusXM’s lineup.

The Freaky 50 playlist is a mix of new and classic hard rock and metal songs. It includes music from artists like Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Slipknot.

If you’re a fan of hard rock and metal music, the Freaky 50 channel is a must-listen. It’s the perfect place to hear music from your favorite artists.

Does SiriusXM have a Halloween station 2022?

Yes, SiriusXM does have a Halloween station 2022. The station is aptly named ‘Halloween Radio’ and is available on channel 713.

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This year’s station lineup includes classic Halloween tunes from artists like Michael Jackson, The Cranberries, and The Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack. There’s also a healthy mix of spooky sound effects and horror movie dialogue to get you in the Halloween spirit.

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit this year, SiriusXM’s Halloween Radio is a great option. The station is available on channel 713, and it’s free to listen to for SiriusXM subscribers.

Does iHeartRadio have Halloween music?

iHeartRadio is a music streaming service that offers its users a wide range of music genres to choose from. While the service does not have a specifically Halloween-themed channel, it does have a number of stations that feature songs perfect for the spooky holiday.

The ‘Halloween Radio’ station on iHeartRadio is filled with classic and contemporary Halloween-themed songs. This station is perfect for those who want to get into the Halloween spirit, but don’t want to have to search through a bunch of different stations to find the perfect tunes.

In addition to the ‘Halloween Radio’ station, iHeartRadio also has stations that feature Halloween-themed playlists. These playlists include a mix of classic and contemporary Halloween songs, as well as songs that are perfect for parties and dancing.

Whether you’re looking for a station that will play all Halloween-themed songs, or you just want a few Halloween-themed songs to add to your regular playlist, iHeartRadio has you covered. So, if you’re looking for some spooky tunes to get you in the Halloween spirit, be sure to check out iHeartRadio.

Does Pandora play Halloween music?

Halloween is a time for spooky costumes, pumpkin carving, and of course, listening to scary music! But does Pandora have any special Halloween tunes that you can listen to this time of year?

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Pandora does have a few Halloween-themed playlists that you can check out, including a "Halloween Classics" playlist, a "Horror Movie Soundtracks" playlist, and even a "Zombie Jams" playlist. There are also a few Halloween-themed station options, like "Nightmare Radio" and "Spooky Sounds".

So if you’re looking for some spine-tingling tunes to get you in the Halloween spirit, Pandora has you covered!

Is there a Halloween channel?

Since the late 1990s, cable networks have been dedicating entire channels to specific holidays. The Christmas Channel, for example, has been airing holiday movies and specials since 1996. And, in 2007, the Hallmark Channel launched its first-ever "Countdown to Christmas" programming block, which has now become a staple of the channel’s annual lineup.

So, with Halloween just around the corner, is there a dedicated Halloween channel?

The answer is…sort of. There are a few different channels that devote at least some of their programming to Halloween each year.

Hallmark Channel, for example, has aired a "Halloween Movie Marathon" for the past few years. The marathon typically starts in late October and runs for several days leading up to Halloween.

The Syfy channel also has a pretty big lineup of Halloween-themed programming each year. In addition to airing classic horror movies like Night of the Living Dead and Halloween, the channel also produces its own slate of original Halloween-themed movies and specials.

Finally, a few other channels, like AMC and Freeform, also air a handful of Halloween-themed movies and specials each year.

So, if you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit, there are definitely a few different channels you can turn to. Just be prepared to set aside a fair amount of time, as most of these channels tend to air a lot of Halloween-themed programming.