What sound does rabbit make1 min read

Aug 12, 2022 < 1 min

What sound does rabbit make1 min read

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What sound does a rabbit make? A rabbit’s sound is usually described as a high-pitched squeal, but they also make a range of other noises, depending on the situation.

Rabbits use their voices for a variety of reasons – to warn other rabbits of danger, to show aggression, to signal submission, and to attract mates. When a rabbit is alarmed, it will give a loud, high-pitched squeal, which is designed to scare off potential predators.

If a rabbit is feeling threatened or aggressive, it will make a low-pitched growling noise. This noise is usually accompanied by a baring of the teeth and an aggressive stance.

If a rabbit is feeling submissive, it will make a high-pitched whimpering noise. This noise usually indicates that the rabbit is surrendering and is not willing to fight.

When a rabbit is attracted to a potential mate, it will make a loud, high-pitched call. This call is designed to let the other rabbit know that it is interested.

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