When does kezk start christmas music6 min read

Jun 28, 2022 4 min

When does kezk start christmas music6 min read

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KMOV-FM (104.9 FM) – branded as KEZK – is a classic rock radio station serving St. Louis, Missouri. The station is owned by Entercom.

On November 1, 2018, KEZK announced that it would begin airing Christmas music on November 12.

Is Kezk playing Christmas music?

Yes, Kezk is playing Christmas music. In fact, they started playing holiday tunes on November 17th, and will continue through December 25th.

If you’re looking for some Christmas music to get you into the holiday spirit, Kezk is the place to go. They’re playing a mix of classic Christmas tunes and modern holiday hits.

So put on your Santa hat and get ready to celebrate Christmas with Kezk!

When Should radio stations play Christmas music?

Christmas music can be a divisive topic. Some people love it and can’t get enough, while others find it annoying and overplayed. So when is the right time for radio stations to start playing Christmas music?

It really depends on the station. Some start as early as the beginning of November, while others wait until closer to Christmas. There isn’t really a right or wrong answer, as each station is catering to their own listeners.

For stations that start early, the reasoning is that people are already in the Christmas spirit and they want to keep that feeling going. They also believe that Christmas music is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their religious beliefs are.

Stations that wait until closer to Christmas generally do so because they don’t want to annoy their listeners. They know that a lot of people only want to hear Christmas music for a limited time, and they don’t want to bombard them with it before they’re ready.

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Ultimately, it’s up to the individual station to decide when to start playing Christmas music. Some people will love it and others will hate it, but that’s the nature of the holiday season.

What day can you start listening to Christmas music?

The Christmas season is a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends. For some, the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving, while others may not start listening to Christmas music until the week of Christmas.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to when to start listening to Christmas music. Some people may enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit early, while others may prefer to wait until closer to Christmas.

If you are looking to get into the Christmas spirit early, there is no wrong day to start listening to Christmas music. However, it is important to be mindful of your surroundings and the people around you.

If you are listening to Christmas music in a public place, such as a mall or a store, it is important to keep the volume down so that you do not disturb others. Additionally, be aware of the type of Christmas music you are listening to.

There are a variety of Christmas songs, some of which may be more secular and appropriate for early in the Christmas season, while others may be more religious and may be more appropriate for later in the season.

Whatever your preference, there is no wrong day to start listening to Christmas music. Just be sure to enjoy it responsibly and be respectful of those around you."

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What radio station in St Louis plays Christmas music?

There are a few stations in St Louis that play Christmas music. Channel 4, 5, 9, and 97.5 all have some form of Christmas music playing.

What station is Christmas FM 2022?

Christmas FM is an Irish radio station that broadcasts at Christmas time. It was first established in 1991. The station is available on FM across the country, and also online.

The station’s line-up includes a mix of music, chat, and festive fun. It’s a great place to tune in for Christmas tunes, carols, and seasonal chat.

This year, the station will be broadcasting from December 1st to December 25th. It will be available on the following frequencies:

Dublin: 102.8

Cork: 106.8

Galway: 107.9

Clare: 106.1

Mayo: 106.7

Sligo: 102.5

You can also listen online at

What channels are Christmas music on?

What channels are playing Christmas music?

Christmas music can be found on a variety of channels this time of year. Some of the most popular channels to tune into for Christmas music are holiday-themed radio stations, music streaming services, and television networks.

holiday-themed radio stations

There are a number of radio stations that dedicate their entire broadcast schedule to Christmas music around the holiday season. These stations can be found on both the FM and AM dials, and many of them also have online streaming radio stations. Popular holiday-themed radio stations include KOIT-FM in San Francisco, WCBS-FM in New York City, and WRRM-FM in Cleveland.

music streaming services

There are a number of music streaming services that offer Christmas music as part of their catalogs. Some of the most popular services include Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Each of these services offer a variety of ways to listen to Christmas music, including curated playlists, stations, and albums.

television networks

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There are a number of television networks that air Christmas-themed programming around the holiday season. Some of the most popular networks include the Hallmark Channel, the ABC Family channel, and the USA Network. These networks typically air original movies and specials, as well as repeats of older Christmas-themed programming.

Is November too early for Christmas music?

Is November too early for Christmas music?

That’s a question that gets asked a lot this time of year. And, to be honest, it’s a valid question. Christmas is still more than a month away, after all.

But, at the same time, it’s also a question that’s a little bit harder to answer. For one thing, what counts as "Christmas music"? Is it just holiday-themed songs, or does it also include Christmas carols? And, if it’s just holiday-themed songs, what’s the cutoff date? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Year’s?

And, even if we can agree on what counts as "Christmas music," is there really such a thing as being "too early" for it? Christmas is a big holiday, and it’s celebrated by millions of people all over the world. It’s bound to be celebrated in some way or another long before December 25th.

So, what’s the answer? Is November too early for Christmas music?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people might say that December 25th is the only acceptable time to start playing Christmas music. Others might say that you can start playing it as soon as Thanksgiving is over. And still others might say that you can start playing it any time you want.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. If you want to start playing Christmas music in November, go for it! If you want to wait until December, that’s fine too. There’s no wrong answer. Christmas is a time for celebrating, and you should do whatever makes you happy.