Who did neil young sell his music to8 min read

Aug 13, 2022 6 min

Who did neil young sell his music to8 min read

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Neil Young is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. He is known for his work in the bands Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

In 1988, Young sold his music publishing rights to a company called Essex Entertainment. Essex was later acquired by Warner/Chappell Music. Warner/Chappell continued to administer Young’s songwriting catalog until he regained the rights in 2000.

Who owns the rights to Neil Young’s music?

Neil Young is a singer-songwriter who has been performing and making music for over 50 years. He is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and his music has been covered by artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam. So who owns the rights to Neil Young’s music?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. For the most part, the rights to Young’s music are owned by his record label, Reprise Records. However, Young also has a publishing company, Arc Music, which owns the publishing rights to his music. This means that Arc Music has the right to license Young’s music to other artists and companies.

In recent years, Young has become more involved in the publishing side of his business. In fact, he has even started his own record label, Vapor Records, to release his music independently. So it’s possible that Young will start to release his music through Vapor Records instead of Reprise Records in the future.

Regardless of who owns the rights to Neil Young’s music, there’s no doubt that he is one of the most influential singer-songwriters of all time. His music has inspired generations of artists and fans, and it will continue to do so for many years to come.

Who did Neil Young sell his music library to?

In a move that has surprised many of his fans, Neil Young has announced that he has sold his music library to tech giant Apple.

The library is said to include the master recordings of all of Young’s music released since he started his career in the 1960s.

Apple has not yet commented on what it plans to do with the library, but it is thought that it will be used to bolster Apple Music, the company’s streaming service.

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Young has said that he made the decision to sell the library in order to ensure that his music will be available to fans in the future.

"It’s all about the music," he said in a statement. "It’s not about the money."

Some fans have expressed disappointment at Young’s decision, while others have praised him for taking such a proactive approach to preserving his music.

Apple is expected to make an announcement about the library in the coming weeks.

How much of Neil Young’s music does he own?

Since he first emerged on the music scene in the 1960s, Neil Young has been one of the most prolific and acclaimed singer-songwriters in the industry. He has released dozens of albums and played thousands of concerts around the world.

But how much of Neil Young’s music does he actually own?

That’s a difficult question to answer definitively, as Young has often been reluctant to discuss his business affairs in public. However, based on what is known about his music publishing and recording contracts, it appears that Young does not own a majority of the rights to his own music.

Most of Young’s early music was published by a company called Geffen Music. Geffen was later acquired by Universal Music Group, and in 2006, Young signed a new contract with Universal that gave the company control over the majority of his music publishing rights.

Universal also holds the rights to most of Young’s recordings, including his classic albums like "Harvest" and "After the Gold Rush." In 2009, Young signed a new recording contract with Universal that gave the company exclusive rights to release his music for the next decade.

So, while Young retains some control over his music, he does not own a majority of the rights to it. This has occasionally led to conflict with his record labels, most notably in the late 1990s when he unsuccessfully attempted to break free from his contract with Warner Bros.

Despite these business disagreements, Young has continued to release new music and tour extensively. And while he may not own all of his music, he still retains creative control over it and continues to be one of the most respected and influential artists in the industry.

How much did Neil Young make off of Spotify?

In a recent interview with Forbes, Neil Young revealed that he has made over $6 million from Spotify. This amount is in addition to the money he has made from other streaming services like Apple Music and YouTube.

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Young is a longtime critic of streaming services, and he has been very vocal about his belief that they are not fair to artists. He has said that the royalties paid to artists by streaming services are too low, and he has urged his fans to buy his albums and songs instead of streaming them.

Despite his criticism of streaming services, Young has decided to make his music available on them in order to reach a wider audience. He has said that he is not opposed to streaming services in principle, but he believes that they need to pay artists more money.

In the interview with Forbes, Young said that he is happy with the money he has been making from streaming services. He said that the royalties he has been receiving are "better than nothing."

Young’s decision to make his music available on streaming services has been controversial among his fans. Some of them believe that he is betraying his principles by working with a service that he believes is unfair to artists. Others believe that he is simply trying to find new ways to make money in the age of streaming.

Despite the controversy, Young’s music is still being streamed on Spotify and other streaming services. His albums and songs are some of the most popular on those platforms, and he shows no sign of stopping his partnership with them.

Who owns Neil music?

A recent article in the Guardian posed the question, "Who owns Neil Young’s music?" The article discusses the fact that Young’s music is spread across a number of different labels and that it is not always clear who owns the rights to his music.

One of the issues with Young’s music is that he has been prolific in his career, releasing over thirty albums. This has led to his music being spread across a number of different labels, including Warner Bros., Reprise, Geffen, and Vapor. Additionally, Young has been known to change labels frequently, making it difficult to track down who currently owns the rights to his music.

Warner Bros. is the label that currently holds the rights to the majority of Young’s music. This is due to the fact that Young was with the label from the beginning of his career until he left in the mid-1990s. Since then, he has released music on a number of different labels, but Warner Bros. still retains the rights to his older music.

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While it is not always clear who owns the rights to Neil Young’s music, it is generally safe to say that Warner Bros. does. This is due to the fact that Young has been with the label for most of his career and that his older music is still under the label’s control.

How much did Bob Dylan sell his music catalog for?

In June 2016, it was announced that Bob Dylan had sold his music catalog to SESAC, a private performance-rights organization. Reports estimate that Dylan sold his catalog for around $52 million.

Dylan’s move to SESAC came shortly after he withdrew his music from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The singer-songwriter has long been a critic of streaming services, arguing that they do not fairly compensate artists.

SESAC is a smaller performance-rights organization than its rivals, BMI and ASCAP. However, it has been on the rise in recent years, thanks in part to its aggressive approach to licensing and its acquisition of smaller performance-rights organizations.

When announcing the deal, SESAC CEO John Josephson said, "We are proud to represent Bob Dylan and his exceptional music catalog. SESAC is the only performing rights organization that has the ability to provide a comprehensive and customized approach to licensing and administration for our clients."

The sale of his music catalog is just the latest in a long line of business ventures for Dylan. In addition to his music, the singer has also published several books, released a line of clothing, and created a painting series.

Is Spotify still losing money?

Spotify is a music streaming service that has been around since 2008. The company has been in the red for a number of years, but it is unclear if it is still losing money.

Spotify is a music streaming service that has been around since 2008. The company has been in the red for a number of years, but it is unclear if it is still losing money. In March of 2018, Spotify filed paperwork for an initial public offering (IPO). The company revealed that it had incurred a net loss of $1.5 billion in 2017.

However, it is possible that Spotify is no longer losing money. In its IPO paperwork, the company warned that it may never turn a profit. It is also possible that Spotify’s losses have decreased in recent years.

Despite its losses, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The company has over 170 million users, including 71 million paid subscribers.