Who is the girl in joshua bassett’s music video6 min read

Jun 30, 2022 4 min

Who is the girl in joshua bassett’s music video6 min read

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Joshua Bassett is a singer and songwriter. He gained popularity after his cover of Justin Bieber’s song "Love Yourself" was uploaded on to his YouTube channel. Bassett has since released his own music, including a music video for his song "Who’s the Girl".

The music video for "Who’s the Girl" was released on Bassett’s YouTube channel on November 4, 2017. It was directed by Cameron Duddy and choreographed by Ryan Heffington. The video stars Bassett and actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

The video begins with Bassett and Moretz driving in a car. Bassett starts to sing the song, and Moretz joins in. They then get out of the car and start dancing. The rest of the video consists of various scenes of Bassett and Moretz dancing and singing together.

Bassett and Moretz have both praised the video. Bassett called it "one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made" and Moretz called it "a dream come true".

The girl in the music video is Chloë Grace Moretz.

Is Joshua Bassett still friends with Olivia?

Joshua Bassett and Olivia Holt were once close friends, but is their friendship still intact?

The two first met while they were both contestants on the popular show, "Disney’s Next Big Star." They soon became good friends, and were often spotted hanging out together.

However, things may have changed between them in recent years. In 2016, Olivia unfollowed Joshua on Instagram, and they have not been seen together since.

Despite this, some reports claim that the two are still friends. So, what’s the truth?

It’s hard to say for sure, but it seems likely that Joshua and Olivia have drifted apart in recent years. They no longer follow each other on social media, and they have not been seen together in public.

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However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their friendship is over. They may still be in touch behind the scenes, and simply don’t feel the need to post about it on social media.

Only time will tell if Joshua and Olivia are still close friends, but for now, it seems that their relationship has changed somewhat.

Does Joshua Bassett have a gf?

Joshua Bassett is an actor and singer who first came to prominence for his role as Noah in the popular Disney Channel series Andi Mack.

There is no confirmed information on whether Joshua Bassett is in a relationship or not. However, he has been linked to different girls in the past, including actress Peyton List.

Fans are curious to know whether Joshua Bassett is dating anyone at the moment and are eagerly waiting for any confirmation or announcement from the actor himself.

When did Joshua meet Olivia?

Joshua had just started working at the advertising firm when he met Olivia. She was a new client and he was immediately drawn to her. She was beautiful and confident, and he could tell that she was intelligent and successful.

They started talking and soon realized that they had a lot in common. They both loved traveling and spending time outdoors. They also loved spending time with family and friends.

Joshua and Olivia started dating and they were quickly inseparable. They were happy and in love, and they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other.

After a year of dating, Joshua proposed to Olivia and she said yes. They were thrilled to start their lives together.

They got married and began their new life together. They were happy and in love, and they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other.

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Ten years later, they are still happily married and they have two beautiful children. They are proof that when you find the right person, you can have a happy and successful life together.

Did Olivia and Joshua Bassett ever date?

No one knows for sure whether or not Olivia and Joshua Bassett ever dated, but it’s certainly possible. The two are close friends and have been spotted out together on a few occasions.

Olivia has been very open about her feelings for Joshua in the past, and she even admitted that she had a crush on him when they first met. However, she later clarified that they are just friends and nothing more.

Joshua has also been candid about his friendship with Olivia, and he has even said that she’s one of his best friends in the world. So, it’s clear that the two share a special bond.

Despite the fact that they haven’t officially confirmed that they’re dating, there’s no doubt that Olivia and Joshua have a lot of chemistry. They make a great team and seem to really enjoy spending time together.

Why did Joshua Bassett unfollow Olivia?

Joshua Bassett, one of the stars of the hit Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," recently unfollowed his co-star Olivia. Why did Joshua Bassett unfollow Olivia?

There is no definitive answer, but there are a few possible explanations. One possibility is that Joshua and Olivia had a falling out and he decided to unfollow her as a sign of his displeasure. Another possibility is that Joshua felt that Olivia was getting too much attention and he wanted to draw attention away from her. It’s also possible that there is no specific reason why Joshua Bassett unfollowed Olivia, and that he simply decided to do so for no specific reason.

Whatever the reason, the fact that Joshua Bassett unfollowed Olivia is sure to cause speculation among "13 Reasons Why" fans. It will be interesting to see if Joshua and Olivia ever offer an explanation for what happened.

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Who is Olivia dating 2022?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Olivia has been known to keep her personal life private. However, there are some possible contenders for Olivia’s heart in 2022.

One possible suitor is actor Liam Hemsworth. The two have been spotted together on multiple occasions, and are thought to be dating. However, neither party has confirmed this.

Another possible candidate is singer John Mayer. The two were spotted on a date in early 2022, and are thought to be an item.

It is also possible that Olivia is single in 2022. She has not been linked to any other celebrities since her split from actor Chris Evans in 2022.

Only time will tell who Olivia is dating in 2022!

Who is Olivia’s boyfriend 2022?

There is much speculation on who Olivia’s boyfriend 2022 will be. She has been seen with a few different guys in the past year, but no one has been confirmed as her boyfriend.

One of the most popular contenders is Aiden. They have been seen together a few times and seem to be very close. Aiden is a great guy and would make a great boyfriend for Olivia.

Another possible candidate is Blake. Olivia and Blake have been friends for a long time, and many people believe that they could be more than just friends. Blake would be a great choice for Olivia, and they would make a great couple.

There are many other possible candidates for Olivia’s boyfriend 2022, but these are just a few of the most popular ones. No one knows for sure who she will end up with, but we will just have to wait and see.