Why isn’t instagram music working1 min read

Aug 19, 2022 < 1 min

Why isn’t instagram music working1 min read

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Instagram has been a go-to platform for sharing photos and videos for years, but recently, some users have been having trouble with the app’s music feature. Instagram music stopped working for some people in early 2019, and the problem still hasn’t been fixed.

There are a few possible explanations for why Instagram music isn’t working. One possibility is that Instagram is experiencing technical difficulties. Another possibility is that the app’s music feature is being discontinued.

Instagram has not yet released an official statement about why the music feature stopped working. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem.

One thing you can do is restart your phone. If that doesn’t work, you can try reinstalling the Instagram app. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, then you may need to wait for Instagram to release a statement about the issue.

In the meantime, you can still share photos and videos on Instagram without using the music feature. You can also use other apps to add music to your posts.

Hopefully, Instagram will soon release a statement explaining why the music feature stopped working, and how users can fix the problem.

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